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User Info: AllGodsDie

4 years ago#1
ending my subscription with mcafee. People told me its awful but its honestly been pretty good so far. However, I hear its tough on the processor and I just got autocharged by them with only notification right before they did it. So yeh, I'm ready to leave them. What's the best protection I can get? My friends tend to use the freebies and most of them look annoying and awful.

User Info: Szymaa

4 years ago#2
Avast!, Avira and Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) are the most often recommended 'round these parts.

Combine one of those with a few Firefox add-ons (AdBlock, NoScript, Ghostery) and not being an idiot when you surf the web and you can live virus free.
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User Info: Emonquente

4 years ago#3
What he said, especially the last bit.
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