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Advice for new laptop?

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User Info: special_sauce

4 years ago#21
Shub posted...
Don't get 12 GB of RAM, just get 8 (2 DIMMs) and if you ever feel the need, you can upgrade that later.

However: tell me if I'm missing something, but I just configured a Sager NP9170 on with the same specs, and it comes at $1834 ($1779 if you pay using one of their "cash" methods) -- and you actually get a "real" SSD instead of a mSATA boot drive.

This is true... If I downgrade to having only 256 GB

Do I want that? Maybe...
Do I want a less stylish computer? Maybe...
For less than $200 less. Hm.
Me_Pie_Three wants a SuperNiceDog for Christmas
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