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Renewing Mcafee trial?

#1punji_styx88Posted 6/8/2012 5:23:36 PM
So I did a factory re-store for my girlfriend on her Dell Inspiron 1545, and Mcafee is preinstalled with it. I have a subscription already that I can download, but its already on the machine, I'd rather just verify you know? But I can;t figure it out. Any ideas?

If I HAVE to uninstall/re-install (cox cable free mcafee), should I uninstall and use the removal tool? or should I just re-install over the preexisting install?

Not sure what the best solution is, I know mcafee can get weird with errors if you don't do everything perfect.
#2EntegyPosted 6/8/2012 5:33:38 PM
Forget about McAfee and install MSE. It's not worth whatever troubling you're about to put yourself through.