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Cities XL Any Good? (Weekend Deal). Ends June 18th.

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4 years ago#11
Sim City 5.
Divided by night...
4 years ago#12
From: The_Count_Foo | #011
Sim City 5.

that's coming out next year...
Starcraft 2 Username = Gears
4 years ago#13
50inchDLP posted...
I got it on sale for the same price a while back. I like it. Its very addicting BUT i must suck at it because my city always goes broke and jobs go out of business and i go negative money. must be some kind of option i missed where i picked Democrat.


It's a political joke


Disregarding Clinton's massive surplus


Resident LoL Board Katarina Player
4 years ago#14
I bought this game ages ago and it's a lot of fun and has a much more forgiving difficulty curve, except for one fatal flaw in the game: It only uses one core. After you get your city past a certain size (for me it was about 50k population) the game will slow to single digit framerates.

If it wasn't for that, the game would be worth buying if you like simcity type games.
4 years ago#15
The game is alright. I haven't played too much but it seems like 0% unemployment is the ideal unemployment rate which doesn't reflect with real life standards and makes the game really simple... There's no real natural rate of unemployment.
Starcraft 2 Username = Gears
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