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Spam email from myself?

#1English SmokerPosted 6/17/2012 8:13:04 AM
I got a few spam emails (one of those automated ones selling viagra or something) from my own email address. How badly compromised am I here? I changed my password last week (strong password). Pretty sure I never fell for any phishing schemes. Don't really see how my email got hacked.
#2gastamanPosted 6/17/2012 8:18:19 AM
Your email address was probably spoofed. I'd assume it's probably not hard to do, if you know what you are doing.
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#3ShubPosted 6/17/2012 8:18:40 AM
They may just be spoofing your address, which does not require your address to have been hacked or your computer to have been compromised.
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#4darkcast2004Posted 6/17/2012 9:18:34 AM
It could be a sign from god trying to tell you something.

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#5Son Of SpamPosted 6/17/2012 1:04:13 PM
Sorry, my bad.