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Origin and a horrible first impression

#1Bone_WolfPosted 6/18/2012 3:17:00 AM
So I was itching to play a new mmo for a month and thought of Tera and found it on sale on origin. I pay for it, and proceed to begin to set up my account yet for some reason EA thinks its a good idea to be able to pay for games yet make it impossible to set up an account due to some ridiculous down time thats been going on for 10+ hours or something.

Really good first impression there EA, making newcomers to your service able to pay for games yet unable to even activate their account to begin to download or even have proof that it was paid for. This will be my first and last purchase with origin, as first impressions are everything and steam has never let me down yet origin has kicked me in the balls within the first 5 minutes.
#2Orestes417Posted 6/18/2012 3:19:58 AM
Sounds like a Tera issue, not an Origin one
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#3keniptionPosted 6/18/2012 3:52:20 AM
That sounds like Enmasse side so ya..wait for maintenance to be over and QQ moar.
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#4MonkeymagePosted 6/18/2012 4:41:51 AM
What a great first impression, Target!

I boughted da Tera game and fo some reezin they think it's okay to sell a game they know fo sho is experienzin downtime!!!!
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