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Why Just Cause 2 is so small?

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4 years ago#11
From: cody4783 | #006
And the game isn't exactly renowned for "serious" or exceptional voice acting.

4 years ago#12
A ton of re-used graphical assets.
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4 years ago#13
Tyranius2 posted...

Not today, Com-RAID.
4 years ago#14
gratuitous use of heightmaps probably

also i have mixed feelings about the voice acting in that game
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4 years ago#15
The comedy style voice acting makes it perfect for that classic action movie feeling.
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4 years ago#16
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4 years ago#17
JC2 wasnt supposed to have super serious MGS style VAing. it was supposed to be comical i think they hit the nail on the head.
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4 years ago#18
"Gaaah! He got me with his wire thing!"

is the best quote from the game.

4 years ago#19
I was always a big fan of "YOU PIECE OF CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP".

Actually just rebought JC2 from Steam the other day. God bless mods...
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4 years ago#20
"Let me gooo! Let me gooo!"

Love that. Dragged a guy miles with a boat.
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