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Post your setup!!!

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4 years ago#1

I love seeing everyone setups. The Dual/Tripp monitor setups make me jelly. I don't have the space for that with this desk.

Also note: I do have a chair, just moved it for the pics. lol
4 years ago#2
You roofie that dog bro?

You're sick.
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4 years ago#3
Lol. Thats how he sleeps.
4 years ago#4
Maximum Payload, INFINITY! Currently playing GGPO
4 years ago#5
From: SomeMacGuy | #004

I love the "stand" for your monitor.
4 years ago#6
i5 2500k | Asus P8P67 M Pro | 4GB G.Skill | EVGA GTX 560 | 700W silent pro | CM Elite 340
4 years ago#7
Romsnbombs, I see your amp and pedal down there, what do you play?
4 years ago#8
My humble hobby project. Comment/rate if you have the spare time!
4 years ago#9
From: schadow | #008

I lol'd. I like it though, I love super clean setups and thats exactly what that is.
4 years ago#10
Nice setup op and cool dog. Bookmarked thread for later.
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