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I need help. Windows 7 isn't detecting my pci cards.

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User Info: Tommy2GoGo

4 years ago#1
I made a topic about how my pci graphics card isn't loading on my windows 7.

I did a clean reinstallation of my windows XP os. And my graphics card WAS working. I managed to install the updates and get my card to work. it was on a 32bit os though. So all of my 8gb of ram weren't really there.

I decided to reinstall Windows 7. As soon as I did, my video card wasn't being detected. It's a pci card. Not pci-e. When I plug the graphics card and load the computer with my vga cable plugged into it, IT does load. But it can't detect it. Weird..I know. Anyhows. I noticed there was a pci-to-pci bridge error on my computer. When i look at the device manager. In my 'adapter type' It isn't showing any information. There was a conflict with vgasave / pci-to-pci bridge. I decided to disable the pci bridge and the conflict between those two left.

Yet, my graphics card wasn't being detected. I then decide to remove and disable ports I don't need 'com port, controller port, printer port etc.' And it still wouldn't load. I decide to load a different pci card. It was a wreless pci adapter. As soon as i booted the computer, I noticed my computer wasn't detecting it. I then decide to load a simple phone modem pci card. And that didn't get read either.

So i've come to the conclusion that my windows 7 os isn't reading any of my pci cards.
I know my pci slots are working, considering I was able to load my pci graphics card and install the drivers correctly using windows xp on this motherboard. Yet, when I load up my windows 7 os, the pci slots aren't working properly.

I need help figuring this out.

tldr; Why are my pci slots not working on windows 7 but in windows xp my pci cards work perfectly.

A little info, my motherboard is a AM2NF6G-VSTA . I've loaded all the drivers from their website.
with windows xp everything works perfectly. With windows 7, my pci slots aren't really functioning properly. I desperatly need help. I 've been trying to figure this out for about a week now.

I thought my pci graphics card was just not working with my motherboard. then I assumed my pci slots might be fried. But the main conclusion i've gotten is my pci slots are just not working on windows 7.

User Info: Lonestar2000

4 years ago#2
Did you install the chipset drivers?
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User Info: Tommy2GoGo

4 years ago#3
Yes I did and it still didn't fixed the issue. I assumed it was a motherboard / hardware problem. But being able to run the pci graphics card on my windows xp with this motherboard made me realize that it might be a software problem. I may be missing something to install, or something in windows 7 is just not being installed.
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