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Vampire worth it?

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4 years ago#1
what kind of game is it anyway?RPG action shooter?
4 years ago#2
You get xp points from completing quests, then you can invest them into different things. It's sort of like Deus Ex where you can go with different non-combat skills to access different areas. You can lockpick, hack computers (though you can sometimes fine the password around somewhere), and sneak.

You also have seduction (really only good for females for the most part), persuasion, intimidation and barter for conversation skills. Some vampires have disciplines (basically vampire spells) that add conversation options.

For combat guns are a lot more useful in the end (though some mods might change that), but brawling skill helps you bit enemies (humans only) in combat.

It's a great RPG, but maybe not the best action game. I'd also say it's quite creepy.
4 years ago#3
It indeed has a very creeped out place in the game.
Its got a great little world, with excellent dialogue and story. Character development is also good but not on the 'normal' level. Character progression is more like giving your character a persona. How he interacts and goes about his business in the world.

The actual combat kind of sucks but I think it must have been rushed out. Still, for $5 I would say its worth it just to experience the world they created for it. Best vampire society I have seen.
Path of Exile and/or Torchlight 2 - if you want character customization, fair pvp play, micro transactions only affecting looks, and actually earning your loot!
4 years ago#4
I totally wanted to try it, until I saw all the obtuse sexuality. Don't really enjoy that in my games.
4 years ago#5
What do you mean by all of the obtuse sexuality?
4 years ago#6
its great, but dont expect the most polished game out there. if you get it make sure you get the fan patch.
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4 years ago#7
Is the steam version fully patched (as in, the official ones)?
I should go.
4 years ago#8
From: King_of_Goats | #005
What do you mean by all of the obtuse sexuality?

He saw a pair of fun bags in tight clothing and got all worried.

It's not all that sexual at all.
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4 years ago#9
So both Witcher games would probably be considered more sexual then...?
4 years ago#10
King_of_Goats posted...
So both Witcher games would probably be considered more sexual then...?

I couldn't say, as I haven't played the Witcher. I can't even say how sexual Vampires is in comparison with its length. It was just upon watching some gameplay/reviews that it was enough to make me want to save $5. But I'm by no means desperate for this game, so it's not like it made me flip a 180 or anything.
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