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Reccomend me a video card testing utilitiy?

#1lostlibrarianPosted 7/21/2012 5:46:35 AM
I've got a pair of Nvidia GTX580s set up in SLI and I'm looking to test the two of them to make sure neither have any hardware problems. A quick google search reveals a large number of testing tools, several of which appear fairly suspicious. Does anyone have a favourite video card stress testing program?
#2unsolidsnakePosted 7/21/2012 6:03:12 AM
Most people seem to like Furmark last I heard. Idk if thats changed though.
#3lostlibrarian(Topic Creator)Posted 7/21/2012 6:42:10 AM
I've just checked it out. Turns out GTX580's have a special bit of hardware which throttles the power when applications like this are used. I might need to put a bit more effort into this than I was hoping. Thanks for the response!