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What is your (this boards) opinion on
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Moonlight Blade is like the best MMO ever
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lordofthenlpple126/26 7:21AM
Any news when the Doom Vulkan API is out?lp35628116/26 7:08AM
Stop me from making the worst decision of my life.
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auginiste146/26 6:52AM
God eater 2 steam page is up.
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sonic_c_tail216/26 6:50AM
Setting up my speakers so the bass doesn't travel to other roomssilvergokuZ96/26 6:34AM
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What, in your opinion, is a biggest rip-off in games?
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Jeffw88406/26 6:13AM
Question about The Binding of Isaac DLC...POOKISTAN76/26 5:05AM
How big of an upgrade would a GTX1070 be over a 7970ghz ? At 1080p
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RomPatches156/26 4:27AM
Witcher 2 question about modsmegamanfreakXD36/26 3:43AM
firestrike ultra score?Arkenar_1316/26 3:34AM
The progression of gaming, what's after VR?
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Yombiee356/26 3:12AM
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - What Do?
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SkrallRampager116/26 2:13AM
I love G2A.
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EpicKingdom_696/26 1:47AM
Verdun > Battlefield 1.EpicKingdom_16/26 1:38AM
Monitor ips vs am-vajeff666p46/26 1:37AM