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Are 780ti's falling behind already?
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X-COM 2 (a direct sequel to X-COM's remake) was officially announced and... (Closed)
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Master_Faust506/1 1:50PM
If Minecraft is a ripoff of Lego,
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Mario_VS_DK336/1 1:47PM
Are there any Edgar Allan Poe or Lovecraft games?
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Hiei_the_Stern206/1 1:47PM
need a 4k ultra benchmark for Witcher 3 with no AA enabled... HelpMEBCitadel26/1 1:38PM
Should I upgrade to a 980Ti for $100?
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koei BLADESTORM: Nightmare pc version flopckhh1276/1 1:24PM
Anybody pick up Hatred yet?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Hagan356/1 1:22PM
There's only one game I can think of that's "worse" than Hatredrunrom66/1 1:12PM
Demo for the upcoming PC version of D4 is now officially available.
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Master_Faust766/1 1:08PM
Apparently I get a free upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Help?fire_bolt96/1 1:07PM
980ti standard clock is available NOW for EVGA Step-Up program!
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ToucheAmore296/1 1:05PM
"Hatred" made me think of "Abuse" which made me think of...
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nominturddaddy126/1 1:04PM
Legos are a ripoff of Lincoln logsDirtyDan900156/1 12:56PM