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Are Steam sales getting worse?
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Windows f***ing 10 is a f***ing piece of f***ing s***
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Unsugarized_Foo956/25 4:28PM
Attn: vive owners
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Has anyone here ever played 'Learn Japanese To Survive! Hiragana Battle'?
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Utinil136/25 4:06PM
If Skies of Arcadia were released on Steam would you buy it?knightoffire5596/25 4:04PM
this is the build i can afford right now
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Deadbud306/25 4:02PM
Games with no achievements.....are they worth it?
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djmetal777576/25 3:56PM
A great program if you use multiple monitors and hate the mouse going weirdPokenub76/25 3:52PM
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Biggest hardware upgrade you have ever made?
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sn3akywaffles486/25 3:23PM
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