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I'm 99.9% sure that Red Dead Redemption HD Remaster and RDR 2 will get announced
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Trance_Fan229/4 5:42AM
Build or buy pre-built?
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longsticks169/4 5:37AM
Does anyone else think Metal Gear Solid's story is pure garbage? (Poll)
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Is Claptrap Funny? (Poll)
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Questions about importing a GPU from the US to UK
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Calling all Baldur's Gate aficionados!
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Lilura269/4 2:53AM
What's the alternate name for "mouse glide"? (from Vega Strike)Depth_scroll19/4 2:49AM
I've heard that Mad Max was very well optimized and polished on ALL platforms... (Closed)
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So, should we expect most of future AAA games to use Denuvo?
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brotrrwinner499/4 1:05AM
Game developers should create multiplatform games from scratch on PC and console
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Oakland510_309/4 12:54AM
Steam Arkham Knight error anyone seen this before?mucloud79/4 12:24AM