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Quantum Break: DX12 (Windows Store) vs DX11 (Steam)otisanime29/30 7:12AM
Everyone says building a PC is easy...
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HyperX Cloud II Vs HyperX Revolver. (pt2)Afawaz7759/30 7:01AM
Nvidia GTX 1080Ti Launching In January - 10.8 TFLOPs 12GB G5X
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ArcadeGuy449/30 6:44AM
Anything to be gained from upgrading or wait till Intel 2017?ebj76749/30 6:28AM
On the fence about Steam LinkChromaticAngel79/30 6:24AM
ITT: The most recent thing you got banned from (e.g. game server, forum, etc...)
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runrom789/30 6:23AM
How to fix the error ?jhon234539/30 6:04AM
Titanfall 2 new singleplayer campaign gameplay/impressions from media outlets.Kitepitou59/30 3:53AM
Does the brand or reviews for DDR4 3000mhz ram matter at all?xtacb79/30 3:11AM
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Battlerite, successor to Bloodline Champions, is legitDaedalusEx69/30 2:30AM
HyperX Cloud I vs Cloud II vs Cloud Revolver headsetsAfawaz7789/30 2:27AM
Can bookshelf speakers damage computer monitors?
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svtr4ptor239/30 2:15AM
Is it even remotely possible to run gta v on my laptop with a decent framerate?HonestAbe7399/30 1:31AM
Getting a new pc. Should I copy my valve/steam folder to my external for backup?Frisk49/29 11:40PM
Looking to expand ram from 8gb to 16gb... does it matter if i get 2x4 or 1x8?Xa3r0x69/29 10:08PM
Good browser based action rpgs?
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Sinestro_Corps119/29 9:48PM
Wasteland 3 is going to be a thing.
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-5xad0w-299/29 9:09PM
Valve has removed all of Digital Homicide's games from Steam
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Rad_Dudesman1009/29 8:20PM