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GTX 900 serieswatertank59/20 9:28AM
If today's poll is anything to go by...
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harcoreblazer229/20 9:08AM
I need help with my PCsldfghtrike29/20 8:53AM
I saw 1 (one) embedded video on 4c about GaymerX, and now YT floods the recomendRelentless63959/20 8:25AM
Little help here, looking for some nice games to play._Sociology_99/20 8:22AM
I'm finally building a PC because the GTX 970 is coming out. How is my build?strongo999/20 8:19AM
The Final Fantasy invasion has started!
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Futureops-299/20 8:09AM
Amazing how Divinity: OS was made on 5 million and Destiny was made on 500 mil.
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BendoHendo499/20 7:47AM
error when booting up my gamesRKOL3G3NDK1LL3R19/20 7:10AM
PC gamers that bought next-gen consoles, how do you feel about your purchase?
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TheC0ndemnedOne169/20 6:33AM
Is PCPartPicker 100% reliable for price?GamingLablet79/20 5:20AM
Why is Wasteland 2 so expensive?
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water1111349/20 5:16AM
Isn't Fez the best game ever?!
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viksmart269/20 4:35AM
What's cheaper? A high end gaming PC or a console(ex.PS3, PS4 or 360)?
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noble banana189/20 4:33AM
Would upgrading memory improve performance with integrated graphics?JELIFISH1959/20 3:46AM
Carmageddon 2 released againSinisterSlay69/20 3:38AM
what conections (Closed)ethsfan79/20 3:23AM
What's a good "casual" game?r7gerrabbit109/20 3:10AM
We ain't gonna get any real hope for high performance in 4k until...YukitoRambo99/20 3:06AM
Help me understand this... (970/980 related)importvita99/20 2:44AM