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So like... how do you get a spider out of your monitor?
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can these specs run dark souls 3 at 60fps?
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Danganranpa 1 and 2 some questions
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Games that are good to play on a Windows 10 tablet?AncientAstro59/17 8:19PM
This guy has 70k worth of games on steam
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Cobra1010739/17 8:08PM
Far Cry 3 sure is a beautiful game.
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N1NJAREB0RN299/17 7:39PM
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Bundlestars: Nemesis Bundle (includes Risen 3, Killer is Dead and more)
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2880 x 1620Triple_Aitch39/17 4:33PM
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s*** from a GMG mystery pack.Tigercml79/17 3:29PM
For the FIFA games. Is there a way to make it launch the game automatically?Boywonder129/17 3:26PM