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Looking for a really old PC game from my pastDNShepard33/4 11:37PM
Nvidia shield console needs to offer what consoles don't!
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Voelger173/4 11:28PM
What is your proudest gaming achievement?
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FireBeaver273/4 11:22PM
Is this legal?Draconiator103/4 10:54PM
What kind of TV should I buy to make a media center? HDMI video port preferred.
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ShadowofSolidus173/4 10:33PM
A list of studio's EA has shut down.
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FireBeaver453/4 10:28PM
What is the first game you install on a new computer?
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FireBeaver563/4 10:20PM
Does anybody here cap their framerate to limit GPU usage?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
strongo9283/4 10:11PM
Recommend me some durable, reliable mechanical keyboards.
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Bowm4080233/4 9:43PM
Any Sword-fighting "Duel" games on PC?Goshorai53/4 9:37PM
Steam Machines are finally coming this fallDmanTee73/4 9:36PM
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iLivid virus?koalabear930153/4 8:53PM
Anything I should know before switching CPUs in a mobo?NerdRage_73/4 8:33PM
What graphics card should i use to upgrade my Alienware X51?
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locky723363/4 8:15PM
Anyone play D3 and/or Heroes of the Storm?
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LouisvilleXV243/4 8:08PM
Need help choosing new SSDelitewolf80893/4 8:05PM
I've recently completed Shadow of Mordor, what's next on the backlog? (Poll)
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EpicKingdom_183/4 7:50PM
New screen shots of Sword Coast Legends taken from GDC, enjoy!MangorushZ83/4 7:48PM