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What do you guys think about those who buy shortcut kits for games like BF3 ?
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How is Killing Floor 2? And is Killing Floor 1 still active?
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Will a GTX 980 max Witcher 3 at 1080p and maintain 60 fps?
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Can I max Far Cry 4 at 60+ fps?
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Windows 10 high memory usage
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Bitlocker settings in Windows 10, doesn't do anything when clicked?gameaddict4life38/1 8:53PM
Your favorite new features on Windows 10 so far?
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King_Gheedorah238/1 8:48PM
Would I still be considered a gamer if I rarely play video games but..
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Terrorknight3258/1 8:48PM
Everyone mad about win10
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Brutal_Felix238/1 8:33PM