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What kind of budget am I looking at to run Skyrim, Shadow of Mordor, FFXIII etc?
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How do you decide which game to play next? (Poll)
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Once we hit 8k as the standard resolution, where do we go from there?
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dragon5042912/26 8:26PM
Games with the best dismemberment mechanics/visuals?
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Lord_Vader4912/26 8:23PM
Resident Evil 6 just as good or better than RE4? Can we play solo unlike in RE5
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Can my rig max most games at 1360x768?
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So the i7-4790k vs the i5-4690k
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Distortoise1912/26 8:08PM
Help me pick out some quality desk speakers for a relatively low price (~100$).EvilBeards512/26 8:04PM
PC gamers are 2nd class citizens for Rockstar, EA, and Ubisoft
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PigSkinPinkRace2512/26 8:02PM