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Steam won't let me read reviews in another language....megamanzero100018/14 5:51AM
PSA: Make sure you buy the physical copy of Quantum Break instead of on Steam!
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ZeroRaider348/14 5:29AM
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Should I buy a new PC to use my monitor?
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Best gaming laptop?
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darkmaian23268/14 4:22AM
Indie RPG or Customization game reccomendationsWhenZebrasgobad48/14 4:12AM
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No Man's Lies
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scoobydoobydont648/14 1:35AM
Asus ROG Strix 1070 vs MSI Gaming X 1070xk_gman98/14 1:17AM
Anniversary update questions.xEnraiyax68/14 1:13AM
Want to nuke my machine but I have a question first
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LB3118/14 12:10AM
premature tyrant builds a TITAN X (Pascal) PC
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premature tyrant738/13 11:50PM
Matrix Games?LeFeverBeaver78/13 11:42PM
Does gog get the same updates as steam?Revolver8mike38/13 11:07PM
Whats the best fantasy themed X4 game (Civi clone)?unlosing_ranger28/13 11:04PM
3GB Version of NVIDIA GTX 1060 Has 128 Fewer CUDA Cores
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KamenRiderBlade308/13 10:48PM
What do you look for in a gaming monitor?ClunkerSlim18/13 8:15PM
How is elderscroll legenddennis94101288/13 8:10PM
To Those Who Got the Rift/Vive, Do You Use Them Often?
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steven-tyler378/13 7:40PM
Altering Joker's outfit in Mass Effect 3, through the coalesced file.Laurentus18/13 7:33PM