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Are folks really that jazzed about Witcher 3 story?
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Does Left 4 Dead 2 contain every level from the first Left 4 Dead?
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Looking for an open world, sanboxy, roguelikeish, explorationy game. HALP
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Vindrith245/19 9:30AM
In your experience, how many games do you have to play to get good at a champ?DjHotness65/19 9:20AM
any good SRPG games I should be aware of?
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Playing The Witcher 3 doesn't do it justiceGlennn_Beck55/19 6:42AM
One of the biggest games has dropped..
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daniel79205/19 6:23AM
$1100 dollar build
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brandoncalo-195/19 6:14AM
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Should I wait 6-7 months to play the witcher 3 on pc, or play it now on ps4?thefabregas2285/19 4:45AM