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Friends for R6 Siege. Mic and above 21 preferably.TheBlueDeath112/1 3:39PM
How long is 3GB VRAM going to be "good enough"?
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Raging_water2912/1 3:37PM
I don't like RPGs anymore
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Gojak_v33312/1 3:35PM
Which is the better mate for a BIG GPU? Power vs. EfficiencyRoad_Kill_666712/1 3:34PM
How often do you wear an anti-static wrist strap when working inside your case?
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brainsaber5012/1 3:31PM
Is Indivisible going to be the biggest crowdfunding upset?
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Guybrush_Three7512/1 3:27PM
Civilization V: The Complete Edition for $7.50 @WinGameStoreBleu_Skie312/1 3:22PM
Go Undertale!Corvusthesnark212/1 3:12PM
If Undertale beats OOT I will not buy UndertaleECOsvaldo112/1 3:09PM
Undertale = this year's Draven?
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FalxXD3112/1 3:00PM
Can't hear music on New Vegas, but I can hear Mr New Vegas?N1NJAREB0RN112/1 2:50PM
Jade Empire: Special Edition is FREE at Origin! (For real this time)NewportBox100s212/1 2:36PM
please help me find a good laptob for my mom!!!
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zeek7781512/1 2:33PM
Upgrading to a 5930k and 750 Series SSD
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_Marka_Ragnos_1212/1 2:24PM
Does Ark Survival Evolved run at 60 fps now?Kyle10221012/1 2:17PM
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So, been using my laptop for a couple of months now, and...BountyAssassin312/1 1:31PM