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Do you auto-hide the task bar? (Poll)
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I think hatred is fun...
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iemerg_126/2 6:27AM
Does anyone here use a blue Yeti Mic with Elgato HD60 to record and commentate?DRzCalderon76/2 6:23AM
Does Hatred really need what it's recommended requirements say?
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If you won this PC in a truth telling contest three towns over would you.... (Poll)
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What youll lose (plus additions) by upgrading to Windows 10
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ECOsvaldo706/2 6:07AM
XCOM 2 Announced!
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lovedreamcast856/2 5:57AM
What Games do you Want on SALE?
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What makes a good co-op game to you?Darth_Kamcio56/2 5:18AM
my PC seems to have a problem with colour schemes.thatauthor26/2 4:54AM
The Phantom Pain will be the best SP PC game since Deus Ex
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velvet_hammer116/2 4:26AM
Games that can be played on a laptop?
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Wrozka_z_Rivii126/2 4:15AM
Corsair now in the console market - Introducing a mini-ITX build aimed for 4K!Xeeh_Bitz36/2 3:51AM
Thunderbolt 3, now using USB Type C connectorsKamenRiderBlade16/2 2:27AM
Would you pay a premium asking price for a transforming case?KamenRiderBlade36/2 2:24AM