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Anyone played (this is the actual name) Life is Feudal: Your Own?-5xad0w-29/21 11:26AM
AMD Radeon 390X to release November/December 2014..very powerful specs
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Trance_Fan559/21 11:23AM
how much did u pay for your i5?
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ethsfan349/21 11:20AM
So will the 980GTX max out all current games?
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foxyReyoko119/21 10:59AM
are non of 4k 3d tv acceptable for pc gaming?MaryJHappy79/21 10:45AM
What is the better fighter? MK9 or Injusticenativeboi8529/21 10:43AM
New CPU coolingIceBawls69/21 10:40AM
Quick question regarding my pcSmyttyGuy9429/21 10:39AM
How similar is FFXIII to FFX?
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zarathustra99479/21 10:28AM
About this doom95 parameters
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TheSabbath119/21 10:27AM
How is this build for streaming?SkyLey59/21 10:17AM
What is AMD TrueAudio?
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jelly2008209/21 9:55AM
I've figured out how to change resolution size of DE:HR using config file but...Chr0noid69/21 9:52AM
Please don't tell me people are going to start liking FF13 because it's on Steam
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
samuraigaiden459/21 9:45AM
I was going to buy an XB1 for exclusives.. Now most games come to PC! (Poll)
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GwynsSonSolaire139/21 9:32AM
Would Injustice run well on this laptop?RedRiolu44719/21 9:19AM
Motherboard?almightydun49/21 9:17AM
GTX 980 VS GTX 780 Ti benchmark 3d Mark Firestrike comparison topicXtreme-Void59/21 9:13AM
Wasteland 2 or Divinity: Original Sin. Which is better?
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Spacebar555169/21 9:03AM
What onboard graphics should i be looking for to run WoW?kcudytsur39/21 8:42AM