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People who want JRPGs on PC should support Bamco and pre-order Tales of Zestiria
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GTX 950 Ti to cost $150The_Q27/2 11:12AM
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It has begun.
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-5xad0w-227/2 10:57AM
Zotac GTX 980 Ti Amp! Extreme Edition
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Steam refund back to debit card takes forever ...
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kaMMakaZZi29117/2 10:37AM
TF2 with a huge update tomorrow - lots of new stuff, including gameplay changes.
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pothocket187/2 10:34AM
Sli 970s vs one 980tiTaitao77/2 10:33AM
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Biggest PC Building Decision Regrets?
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Why did they rebrand the 370 to R7 vs R9?Judgmenl77/2 10:20AM