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Why do SJWs have a problem with Tomb Raider?
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Looking for an "easy to jump in/no commitments" MMO.. Recommendations?
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Any point to upgrading this motherboard?Relle510/25 11:08AM
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Looking for suggestions on buying a new laptopGanonMan1987210/25 10:23AM
PSA: The Witcher 3 is 60% off @
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Jedi4541910/25 10:10AM
Asus ROG G751Mguvadc610/25 9:52AM
Whats the cheapest 8 core Intel processor?RocoBosco210/25 9:43AM
Cant decide which free MMO to play :(nativeboi85910/25 9:25AM
GPU for $200ish?
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staticxtreme52010/25 9:16AM
what is the difference between killing in hatred and killing in gta
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GameVisions1610/25 9:09AM
Anyone know if those LED sli bridges work with the Asus strix or msi 980s?LiQuiDsWorDs56110/25 9:03AM
Are You Going To Purchase Evolve On The PC? (Poll)
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ComradeRyan3710/25 8:35AM
Is the GTX 970 compatible with my motherboard?__Cam__410/25 8:23AM
Recommend New Games/other stuffPuppetMaster7861010/25 8:14AM
Borderlands is such a weird series when it comes to its story.
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ChromaticAngel1610/25 7:58AM
Keyboards helpChimera268210/25 7:49AM
We need the tales games to come to steam any one agree?nativeboi85910/25 7:44AM