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FF13 is one of the worst games Ive ever played, why people suddenly happy?? (Archived)
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CTRB709/25 1:43PM
GTX 980 VS GTX 780 Ti benchmark 3d Mark Firestrike comparison topic (Archived)
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Xtreme-Void169/25 1:34PM
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I still won't preorder, but I think I'm going to get Shadows of Mordor now. (Archived)-5xad0w-19/25 12:39PM
Is AMD going to do another price drop on their 290 and 290x? (Archived)
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Freedan12129/25 12:38PM
Best Video Card for gaming on a single RoG PG278Q 2560x1440 (Poll)Road_Kill_66699/25 12:04PM
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ATTN: My CPU was at 98c (Archived)Metroid_Lover59/25 11:34AM
What kinda temps do you have while gaming? (Archived)
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SergeantPenguin209/25 11:16AM
TOP5 - Ridiculous Name or Title given to video game (Archived)
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Futureops-219/25 11:11AM
Endless Legend or Age of Wonders 3? (Archived)pothocket49/25 11:05AM
Advice on buying a tablet (Archived)
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AltosMega179/25 10:58AM
Bash Vulerability (Archived)
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Worknofun370229/25 10:52AM