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Alright, boys. Gonna need a laptop for college as CS major, here. (Archived)MogMasta97/20 5:43PM
What are some good rpg-ish games with good character creation? (Archived)
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Darth_Kamcio217/20 5:40PM
After much back and fourth between the 390 and the 390X I finally decided... (Archived)AshWilliams7847/20 5:39PM
Story Driven MMO - which is better? (Poll)
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Xialoh227/20 5:31PM
anyone else having trouble getting to Mega? (Archived)metaIslug57/20 5:09PM
elder scrolls online conjuration (Archived)greywizard66627/20 4:55PM
A few CPU and motherboard questions... (Archived)ajxh57/20 4:45PM
I wonder if Elder Scrolls will ever go to the continent Akavir (Archived)
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Wario2255297/20 4:44PM
Upgrading from my 7970 today or tomorrow (Archived)shanjo47/20 4:35PM
I keep getting friend requests with people with "G2A" in their name. (Archived)Pokenub27/20 4:23PM
stuttering on witcher 3 on high(ish) end rig (Archived)nazkar027/20 4:04PM
Your reaction when: Pascal only 10-20% more powerful than GTX900 series (Archived)
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ThePCElitist337/20 3:48PM
Why people say FO: NV has a better story than FO3 when.. (Archived)
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justaseabass467/20 3:46PM
Anyone have a Samsung Tab S? (Archived)MASKOAAA47/20 3:33PM
should i wait to build a pc (Archived)
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bbregeditbb127/20 3:32PM
If I currently have windows 8.1 on my hdd can i upgrade to 10 on my SSD? (Archived)bubbub0137/20 3:10PM
after playing witcher for a few hours (Archived)
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That1Steve267/20 2:40PM
I have a legitimate question for the PC community on GFAQS (Archived)
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Brutal_Felix967/20 1:55PM
Rocket League push to talk off not working? (Archived)kaMMakaZZi2917/20 1:47PM
For those who backed Survive The Nights, the stress test starts today, ends Sat. (Archived)Doctor__Pepper37/20 1:41PM