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do you like the STALKER series (Archived)
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Shuriko112/21 6:09AM
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Is there a site that lets you make a list of games you own and you can show it (Archived)
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Oakland510_112/21 4:26AM
help reconnecting my xbox controller (Archived)MARKINGRAM2212/21 4:01AM
Could I get some CPU, Processor, RAM, and Graphics Card suggestions for.. (Archived)super hotshot bowser72/21 3:42AM
YMMV: Partial Refunds for owners for GTX 970? (Archived)
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Kainstryder372/21 3:37AM
Thinking of picking up the PG 278Q monitor (Archived)angelXboy32/21 3:29AM
Need help! My physical memory usage is above 80 to 90%+ constant (Archived)iPr0kkaFTW82/21 2:51AM
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I'd like to target a new build for May-June, but is that just a bad time? (Archived)Frost_shock_FTW72/21 1:48AM
New system being developed that allows you to feel resistance in game. (Archived)auntfafajk62/21 1:41AM
I should check my humble bundle keys more often... (Archived)justchill43362/21 1:26AM
Unable to delete "blank" file off my desktop (Archived)ARMEDnPISSED32/20 11:53PM
Building for a friend (Archived)
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CW Boi 209112/20 9:59PM
Can't find a good game to play (Archived)pcmike292/20 9:15PM
Well, I think I just did something stupid (Archived)
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Transdude142/20 9:15PM
do Y'all remember when the only video game you had.... (Archived)DRzCalderon12/20 9:08PM
What racing sims have split screen gameplay? (Archived)Vzeprr62/20 9:05PM
I completely forgot that this Offline JRPG existed on PC (2006). (Archived)
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Junpei_Stupei142/20 8:11PM