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Do you think that Direct X 12 is going to have as big of an impact as Mantle? (Archived)Ch3wy44/14 8:18AM
A graphical comparison between GTA 5 on the consoles and PC version (Archived)
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Why don't pc games have native controller support? (Archived)
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grampamurked224/14 8:09AM
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ervine_lim224/14 7:54AM
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I'm kind of a freak about cable management. (Archived)
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Virtrudian164/14 7:20AM
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YRuafraid77134/14 7:02AM
Choose my 100th game on Steam (Poll)
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Have you bought GTA 5 yet on PC? (Poll)
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lmAtWork164/14 6:52AM
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