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only hyped for witcher 3
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zhenghan144/30 9:54PM
Should game devs on Steam be able to perma-ban you from single-player games? (Poll)
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How do I set up my DS4 for PC use?
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Multiplayer online RPGs that are not MMOs?
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TheRaven1406224/30 8:29PM
Help with a $400 budget build for nephew's birthday
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haloistehawesum554/30 8:19PM
Ryse is one of the most beautiful games currently available
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LouisvilleXV264/30 8:04PM
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4K monitor and 980ti?MEBCitadel24/30 7:21PM
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How can i use both an SSD and HDD?
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XXHornDogXX124/30 7:17PM
so asrock, made an x99 itx board
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somebadlemonade114/30 7:16PM
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What are the best programs to use to monitor temps, CPU/GPU usage, and FPS?DjHotness84/30 6:55PM
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