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What are good monitors that can upscale well when playing console games on it?ChrisStarlite412/13 9:11PM
The Official PCH "Look what I got for Xmas!" Thread. Hardware Only.
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DV8ingSources1612/13 8:45PM
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ASUS Maximus VII formula mobo....
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EightDayCandler1112/13 7:47PM
Green light on back of PC lighting up, but power button does nothing... (Closed)
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pwnater7773412/13 7:45PM
Metro 2033 redux or metro last light redux?
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TOhasNoRing1612/13 7:33PM
Certificate Expired
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johnn1312/13 7:33PM
Need help! Adobe Flash player won't install!!!!
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XxTwisted26xX1112/13 7:28PM
Is TES: Online worth it?
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OutlawPug2512/13 6:58PM
Can't configure service pack 1 (W7)hunter1235212/13 5:58PM
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Am I disabling xfire in CCC correctly?Raging_water112/13 5:06PM
Thinking of adding more ram or a new gpu to my current setup
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cha0s zer01112/13 4:51PM
Whats the correct price range for Canadian 970s?SinisterSlay312/13 4:38PM
Multiplayer games with consistent worlds/servers and big communities...Disastersaurus512/13 4:23PM
How do I update the drivers and put software into this new pc
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Squall281612/13 3:15PM
A dollar by selling worthless digital cards > Gabe's fake gems
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TheEntitledOne1212/13 3:07PM
What is the amount of time it takes to recover from a Denial-of-Service attack?KainReaver1091012/13 3:01PM
Dungeon Defenders fans, how is Dungeon Defenders 2?Knighted Dragon312/13 2:51PM
Bundle Stars $4.99 ten game bundle with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SoC.
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-5xad0w-2412/13 2:47PM