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Just ordered a gpu that needs a 8pin connectorChargrilled108/16 1:57PM
Considering switching my desktop to a 10xx GPU laptop
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GoIrish80118/16 1:49PM
Which G-Sync 4K 4ms IPS Monitor would you buy?
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BrokenMachine85118/16 1:36PM
I'm terrible at RTS but I love the spectacle of them
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MakoReizei188/16 1:19PM
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$250 1tb ssd worth it for gaming?
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DarkAssAssIn051278/16 12:51PM
Newly built PC - Video card getting hot doing nothing
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Milennin148/16 12:35PM
anyone knows if that goldeneye source game works on mac?razid28/16 12:01PM
My laptop keeps waking up from sleep. how do i stop this?mark_9898/16 11:50AM
I'm trying to play Dishonored
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silver knux178/16 11:41AM
I got a chome book, is there anyway to change the caps lock key?-Komaiko54-18/16 11:33AM
Upgrade potato PC or get a PS4?water1111108/16 11:12AM
For best performance . . .
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Born Lucky148/16 11:10AM
Why does amazon have a 1080 strix base clock and boost clock cards separate?Nephid58/16 11:08AM
gtx 1080 ftw pricing error amazon $450
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
cory1225168/16 11:07AM
If grey market sites are no issue for you, I recommend g2a over Kinguin
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
kaMMakaZZi29118/16 11:02AM
Good price for refurbished pc?HonestAbe7358/16 11:01AM
Mass effect 2 is not better than Mass Effect 1
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MrTuna608/16 10:57AM
Fellow Canadians, GTX 1080 500USD.SRV_God78/16 10:03AM
Good Article on how Apple approaches Product designKamenRiderBlade78/16 10:01AM