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The peasants are attempting to drag Witcher 3 down with Batman: Arkham Knight (Archived)
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protools1983126/24 11:27AM
Input lag on new 4k TV when using PC (Archived)
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wuphilly186/24 11:10AM
Guru3d Fury x Review (Archived)
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rich91146/24 11:00AM
Conflicting reports between Speccy and GPU-z (Archived)wantfastcars66/24 10:46AM
Yes PC Is The Master Race But... (Archived)alsroboshack86/24 10:41AM
Do you think 1440p is going to be skipped over quickly to go straight to 4K? (Poll)
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Knighted Dragon766/24 10:35AM
[POLL] How much did you spend on your GPU relative to your CPU? (Poll)
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GoldenSun3DS156/24 10:25AM
Best PC controller? (Archived)
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kyosuke34116/24 10:25AM
Borderlands Humblebundle.... really nice, except we all own it (Archived)
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Requiem456/24 9:22AM
450 dollar 980ti? legit? (Archived)FighterStreet86/24 8:57AM
Anybody run AMD and Geforce card in same PC not SLI/Crossfire? (Archived)
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avidgamer4136/24 8:55AM
Fury x vs 295x2? (Archived)auntfafajk46/24 8:55AM
Batman and Witcher are some of the reasons many people don't become PC gamers (Archived)Metal_Gear_Link56/24 8:53AM
PC Global news!! Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward launch celebration 6/23/15 (Archived)
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xenosaga123156/24 8:49AM
The Batman buttmadness is absolutely hilarious (Archived)
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protools1983226/24 8:45AM
People Can Fly* is back (Archived)pothocket26/24 8:45AM
Which Headset to Get? (Archived)Xantose161106/24 8:29AM
Triple-A Survival Games? (Archived)
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LikeIIs136/24 8:23AM
Forbes' Fury X Review (Archived)Aeon32036/24 8:09AM
Tom's Hardware Fury X review (Archived)KamenRiderBlade36/24 7:59AM