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Want to build a PC that is as powerful as the PS4/XB1. Where do I start? (Archived)
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Fruit_Cup90004212/9 9:07PM
What order should I play the AD&D games in? (Archived)Jedi4541012/9 8:59PM
Best harddrive type? (Archived)
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iPWNtheNoobs1212/9 8:02PM
Any recommendations on a headset? (Archived)
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Squall281712/9 7:45PM
Anyone else getting redirected to a possible malware site on GameFAQs? (Archived)iPr0kkaFTW312/9 7:40PM
What's the weeabooiest game in existence? (Archived)
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The_Pig_Hostage5912/9 7:17PM
So I just installed my 970 and my monitor colors have this white-washed tint (Archived)TqpT312/9 6:04PM
Dragon Age series question (Archived)
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GunsSlashRoses1212/9 5:53PM
"We don't like using win rate as a statistic..." - Riot (Archived)Linctagon7712/9 5:50PM
Best Laptop for playing sims 4 under 500 dollars. (Archived)davetheironfist212/9 5:39PM
Favorite hidden object games? Which ones are the best? (Archived)
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VenomousX1112/9 5:32PM
is a 660ti outdated for gaming? (Archived)
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Deedubau2312/9 5:03PM
Need some multiplayer recommendations, Love Awesomenauts (Archived)MyloMane512/9 5:00PM
Jagged edges in games would be a GPU issue right? (Archived)
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VejitaSS41912/9 4:55PM
Just started playing Starcraft 2, any tips you can give me? (Archived)harcoreblazer612/9 4:51PM
What to upgrade first? (Archived)Spidey555512/9 4:49PM
What do you think about this? (Archived)SleepComa112/9 4:47PM
Humble Bundle Store Winter Sales has started (Archived)
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ChrisStarlite1412/9 4:41PM
I'm not a fan of the combat in the Batman games, still worth playing? (Archived)
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PsychoticFury4112/9 4:40PM
Thinking of upgrading to a 980GTX 4Gb from a 670GTX 2Gb. (Archived)
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Abiz_1312/9 4:37PM