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Lol, think someone hacked my origin account (Archived)
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SilentHawk292510/10 4:08PM
peasant monitor is in stock now. (Archived)MaryJHappy710/10 4:07PM
Samsung HD tv for computer screen, ingame dialogue too quiet? (Archived)digitalwill2000810/10 3:59PM
Are there any companies in the industry with a "for gamer" mentality? (Archived)
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CELTEKK9610/10 3:45PM
Do you even 4K, or are you a 1080p/1440p peasant? (Archived)
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DroneCrusher5110/10 3:42PM
We all hate drm, but what is the lesser of 2 evils. Old DRM or new DRM? (Archived)
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chronotrig1002710/10 3:14PM
making big deal out of ff xiii? (Archived)MaryJHappy810/10 3:14PM
So the GTX 960 was apparently delayed to Q1 2015. (Archived)RichGamebuddy410/10 3:12PM
Looking for a specific type of picture upload site. (Archived)ryan0991810/10 2:57PM
Anyone use SQL in a Business/IT career? I just finished a class in it. (Archived)kelemvor910/10 2:46PM
can current port even do 4k at 144hz? (Archived)MaryJHappy710/10 2:41PM
Windows 10 going to improve gaming? (Archived)engseng810/10 2:40PM
Poll: Best 4K monitor? (Poll)Pepys Monster110/10 2:40PM
dragon age inquisition 900p 30fps on consoles, just like ass creed unity (Archived)
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Trance_Fan3710/10 2:35PM
Vsync effecting my mouse movement (Archived)Ruzz9810/10 2:02PM
Shadow of Mordor shady promotion review deal. (Archived)
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pitt121776510/10 2:00PM
i am very spoiled when it comes to graphic (Archived)MaryJHappy610/10 1:40PM
What are some good singleplayer games for PC? (Archived)TalesOfGod810/10 1:31PM
The Crew release date has been delayed... (Archived)
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KidInTheHall1410/10 1:25PM
What's better for the same money - a 970 or a 780 Ti? (Archived)Tic Tac310/10 1:22PM