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Oh man, the Xbox One controller sucks. (Archived)
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EpicKingdom_466/20 7:04PM
So my download speed is extremely low on my desktop. WTF Help please! (Archived)lujjj56/20 7:02PM
Why do so many people hate on Civ: BE? (Archived)
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HonestAbe73136/20 6:34PM
Do you like how Steam early access has turned out? (Poll)
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Doctor__Pepper276/20 5:43PM
Free to play games should have their own charts on GAMEFAQS (Archived)galfasanta111126/20 5:28PM
Should i buy the 4690k or wait for the next best intel core i5? (Archived)
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edisonbebo186/20 5:16PM
Most of my games crash if i windows out of them, is this a common problem? (Archived)Neghvar91106/20 5:11PM
Did you buy anything: STEAM Summer Sale Days 10 and 11 Encore edition (Archived)
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DarkSideOfBlue256/20 5:06PM
New Windows Question (Archived)Jamnation36/20 5:06PM
Spelunky Board Dead--Have a Question (Archived)toomanymouths86/20 5:00PM
crazy h100i deal (Archived)TitanStrike16/20 5:00PM
Best way to get wifi on PC (Archived)brandoncalo-86/20 4:55PM
Ark Survival, Dark Souls 2 Or Killing Floor 2? (Archived)
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sampama226206/20 4:54PM
is the Corsair H100i GTX compatible with my build? (Archived)Ryan Si86/20 4:54PM
Am I the only one who hasn't bought anything from the Steam summer sale? (Archived)
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sry_POS376/20 4:53PM
Nvidia not Finish. AMD not Finish ether (Archived)
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TurboAE86116/20 4:46PM
How are the Legacy of Kain games? (Archived)Tyranius296/20 4:40PM
Buy a GTX970 now or wait for pascal? (Archived)
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megamanfreakXD166/20 4:29PM
Everybody who missed Rise of Nations should buy it. (Archived)WyzeGye106/20 4:15PM
How is this PC for gaming? (Archived)Bl00dlegend56/20 4:08PM