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In Q1 2016, Are jumping onto Broadwell-E? (Poll)
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My i7 950 is running at 1.8GHz?!?! (Archived)
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derrckisnumber11110/1 1:49AM
Will a 980 ti work with an older motherboard?? (Archived)Combo Master710/1 1:36AM
Nominations in GameFAQs's "Best. Game. Ever." contest have opened up! (Archived)
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shield portable keyboard (Archived)ethsfan410/1 12:53AM
Can my laptop run Civilization V? (Archived)Kyle102239/30 11:22PM
One of my Origin games is greyed out, is it because havent played in years? (Archived)
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silvergokuZ369/30 10:56PM
Is it best to set DPI high then sensitivity low? (Archived)deoxxys59/30 10:17PM
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Low disk usage speeds, I did fix it for a while now come back. (Archived)silvergokuZ39/30 6:59PM
How is Dying Light? (Archived)
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pyro_bunta249/30 6:55PM
Thinking about buying FO anthology. (Archived)
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Lord_Ka1n349/30 6:46PM
The PC now has a new highest rated game of all time (Archived)lostkiwi59/30 6:23PM
How good is your files organization on your computer? (Poll)
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runrom229/30 6:08PM