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Looks like FFXIII is a somewhat proper port
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ivanwind15629/26 11:00PM
budget laptop , games & steamMulderYuffie29/26 10:57PM
The chopper.Billy Trance49/26 10:42PM
shadow of mordor : ultra texture requires 6GB of VRAM
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apolloooo229/26 10:05PM
Shadow of mordor question
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NewVigil169/26 9:40PM
So about the new steam library (Closed)Game-Xpert69/26 9:26PM
My school's Internet is almost as fast as Google FiberUnited_States109/26 9:19PM
Will you buy sleeping dogs definitive edition? (Poll)
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SinisterSlay229/26 9:14PM
Question about SteamCruzader61949/26 8:59PM
Help me upgrade...nintendogamer1319/26 8:48PM
Sierra PC Game Collection - Big Boxes (VIDEO)
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MetalJesusRocks149/26 8:16PM
We need to thank blizzard for PC success and the reason we are a force in gamingnativeboi8589/26 8:14PM
Sign here if you are already using DDR4
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GameVisions299/26 8:11PM
Nvidia thinks tv is 1080p, amd thinks its 1920x1200silvergokuZ69/26 8:04PM
If I buy games on Steam....demonlord669699/26 8:02PM
Arkham Knight needs to come out alreadyCommonJoe29/26 7:49PM
Can someone reccomend me a image editing software that's an alternative to gimp?
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Yombiee139/26 7:23PM
What the Best Water Cooling Guide?Road_Kill_66619/26 7:19PM
I've paid 0 attention to Shadow of Mordor but the nemesis system sounds awesome.Lady Une89/26 7:15PM
worth selling gtx 670 ftw SLI for single gtx 970 with sli later?murphy23059/26 7:12PM