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The Force Unleashed 2 actually looks pretty good with SweetFX ds'd from 4K.
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MaxCHEATER64191/24 7:56PM
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Will DirectX 12 be Nvidia's answer to the Mantle API?
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My fellow weebs, Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds is now on Steam
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Weeb_Harder181/24 7:18PM
Why is there so much fan rage over GPUs?
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C0c0nuttz441/24 7:10PM
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RPGs with permadeath?
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Rygon111/24 6:57PM
How are these pre-built gaming PCs?
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iangeofries111/24 6:46PM
Has the GTX 970's supposed VRAM issue ever actually affected you? (Poll)strongo941/24 6:43PM
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What are some great JRPG's on Steam?
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knightoffire55361/24 6:25PM
How come controllers are so "primitive"?
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flamepelt201/24 6:18PM
Does a USB 2.0 extension cable work for USB 3.0?Highpitchsolo21/24 6:16PM