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What kind of Hardware would on need to run ArmA 3 on Max @ 3440x1440?iscareu1371/31 11:56PM
PCH board, how old is everyone here? (Poll)
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Homeworld 1 and 2 any good? Should I pre order and pay $29.74 on release day?BigB0ss1321/31 11:25PM
Why is LoL so popular?
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DarkLordYianni371/31 10:48PM
Recommend PVE MMO's that aren't huge timesinksKegroidNike71/31 10:40PM
How much power does AMD take up over Nvidia?
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TehPwnzerer371/31 10:21PM
Alienware Alpha or gtx980
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Maddnice131/31 10:08PM
Opinions on this pc and anything I should change?Lightborne51/31 9:31PM
How does this build look?
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Solid Snake07111/31 9:30PM
Need some keyboard and mouse recommendations.Bowm408031/31 9:19PM
Battlelog down?Gojak_v381/31 9:05PM
what's the best usb audio input out there?
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Rud3Bwoy111/31 8:57PM
Chose which game of mine for me to reviewalsroboshack61/31 8:55PM
help me get passed this key entry on bootupLeight_Weight91/31 8:25PM
I miss my direct ethernet cable connectionJaghave71/31 8:22PM
Noobie gaming PCOliverValdez41/31 7:32PM
Looking for a MOBA with permanent loot/progressionKegroidNike81/31 7:25PM
Is it safe to continue using a graphics card that's out of support?
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wormbo2468111/31 7:23PM
Is there any way to get the ModMic 4.0 at a discount?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
SMBfan22151/31 7:07PM
Creating a PC game setting in living room -- need your input!FeremyJisher81/31 6:48PM