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Finally going to properly try Half Life Series after buying bundle.
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Have a Gsync monitor
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Seagate HDD not being read by PC?XxTwisted26xX29/29 2:26AM
Favorite - Dead Space gameFutureops-19/29 2:18AM
After a few months, what are people's thoughts on Wolfenstein: NO?
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indica309/29 1:34AM
GTX 980 overkill for 1080p and 60Hz?
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Kyle1022269/29 12:31AM
boxbox vs sirhcez and godyrPrisonChile19/29 12:18AM
Is it better to slowly upgrade your PC over time, or to just buy a new PC?
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tydog98139/28 11:47PM
How much can I expect to sell my used EVGA GTX 660 for on Craigslist?Kyle102289/28 11:46PM
Whoop! New build!almightydun19/28 11:36PM
Is it worth it to SLI a GTX 570?TehPwnzerer49/28 11:33PM
Nvidia GeForce gtx850 on 2 different laptops. Need help picking which one laptop
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JRPG169/28 11:11PM
I got 3 free games after buying a gtx 980 at fry's.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Billy Trance169/28 10:54PM
Anyone think shadows of mordor sounds awesome, but with that..blax34dm29/28 10:04PM