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Yo, PC gamers! I have a question...
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Lemur_H178/1 6:16AM
Is this enough power for my build?ggf16238/1 6:00AM
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Can someone recommend a good new CPU and MoBo? (and cooler)
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Eye_of_Horus118/1 5:40AM
its sad that the last of us is never coming to pc
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HeroBorne1198/1 4:33AM
WarcraftIfGodCouldDie108/1 4:08AM
How is red faction 1? Did it age well?
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Dragonfire4356128/1 4:05AM
Just got new monitor do I adjust settings within monitor or in Nvidia control...Kano9228/1 4:04AM
Question about Steam's offline mode + originPokenub108/1 2:50AM
Good ol' PC gamingalmightydun68/1 2:35AM
PSA: If your laptop has audio/sound issues recentlyFenriswolf18/1 2:32AM
Sound going out on my laptop
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sktgamer_13dude548/1 2:22AM
Rud3bwoys Big Rig Reveal pickups part 2Rud3Bwoy98/1 2:11AM
Shipping a desktop ?619ROMEO58/1 1:52AM
Looking for something to replace my Geforce GTX 560 Ti
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ShadowThaReaper178/1 1:36AM
How come JP still gets their PC games on CD while it is mostly digital for us?
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wanderer1992178/1 12:41AM
Doing a build for my girlfriendmrtywer68/1 12:26AM
So I found a PC at my apartment dumpster
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Mudkip57288/1 12:18AM
Need help with finding a good prebuilt gaming PC (Closed)
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PhoenixRush117/31 11:53PM
Chaos Heroes Online, a new MOBA announced by Aeria Gamesbadboy67/31 10:57PM