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Best PC Blue Ray Player for the Buck
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Elder scrolls online is amazing and completely underrated!
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Noyack157/31 10:40AM
Win10 failed 5 times. Good thing win7 is better.
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KingOfZer0347/31 10:31AM
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Any games taking advantage of DX12?
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unsolidsnake117/31 10:19AM
Any programs to remote control another computer?
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wuphilly177/31 10:16AM
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Want Windows 10 BUT Like 8.1 Start MenuDarthFrozanous27/31 10:08AM
Is a $400 GAMING PC on par or ahead of PS4 stats-wise...
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Gwynbleidd247/31 10:02AM
So here I am, still using Windows 7. Is Windows 10 time to upgrade?
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Acdcfantony147/31 9:59AM
Have a few games from Humble Jumbo Bundle to give away.
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unsolidsnake157/31 9:59AM
Ummm, we are all PC gamers here.... why all the fighting about Windows 10?protools198337/31 9:53AM
Why are half the programs blurry and the other half crystal clear on windows 10?
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xMischief157/31 9:52AM
Multi-screen "split-screen"?Darth_Kamcio27/31 9:50AM
which is better windows 10 enterprise vs projhon234547/31 9:48AM
Good, inexpensive mic and cameraauntfafajk47/31 9:46AM