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SSD Read/Write Speeds and SATA3
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No wonder Guilty Gear Xrd hasn't release for PC yet, a new entry got announced
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Does the The Witcher 3 fix some of the annoying problems I have with TW2?Terrorknight375/27 1:03PM
The Reality Of Console Vs PC
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don_sf1075/27 12:50PM
Help with pc parts(premature tyrant)
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thepro189235/27 12:47PM
How safe are hydro coolers such as the corsair h90?Dirk85UK105/27 12:23PM
can sound/music files be potentially harmful to speakers/sound cards?Ash_Lynx95/27 12:18PM
nvidia control panel says my card is a 970
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ethsfan215/27 12:18PM
Free MMOs that aren't dead?
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EvilBeards605/27 12:07PM
What is your CPU history?
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maybecalls265/27 12:07PM
Have you "beat/completed" a game on Twitch or Youtube? (Poll)
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Trance_Fan205/27 11:57AM
Can I play Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris coop locally?SuperSuikoden35/27 11:53AM
What refresh rate is your display? Do you always run the game at it's max? (Poll)AftComet75/27 11:46AM
980 Ti + 4k IPS G-Sync = Ultra around 40fps?MEBCitadel45/27 11:36AM
Is this true?GunsSlashRoses35/27 11:26AM