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Intel or AMD CPU?
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Using a TV for display. Resolution problems.
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Non-CD OS?BlueswordsX38/24 3:04PM
CS:GO CDKey Giveaway
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Clouddx478/24 2:59PM
Help me to choose a laptop... (Poll)blackwolfLT7108/24 2:50PM
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Could someone explain the reason programs install under Program Files (x86) and-ajko00058/24 2:19PM
possible effects of using wrong (but lower voltage) power supply for laptop?Highpitchsolo48/24 2:14PM
Not so elegant but very effective sollution for cooling crossfire 7970 + 280xhk711178/24 2:08PM
Any keyboard recommendations for my friend?ArthasReborn38/24 2:05PM
Giving adventure genre another chance, need suggestions(please read intro post.)
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Superrpgman588/24 1:41PM
Thoughts on First BuildDoom2006108/24 12:53PM
Ultra wide vs. 1440p vs. 144 hz
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Chargers_31438/24 12:51PM
Need some Rogue-like recommendations
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Another_Cyzyk238/24 12:47PM
What would last longer for storage purpoes a 3TB Green drive or a 3TB 7200.14 ? (Closed)Kano9278/24 12:14PM
If I install Windows 7 will it just remove Windows 8?FantasyLogic78/24 12:05PM
What would be better graphicallyDirk85UK68/24 12:05PM