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is the performance gap between gtx 970 and gtx 980 worth $150?Billy Trance89/20 12:25AM
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ethsfan179/20 12:16AM
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Why is Wasteland 2 so expensive?
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can each Heaven benchmark vary alot?cosmicstarfish1109/19 11:52PM
Thomas Was Alone Help (Steam version)Jami393109/19 11:11PM
Anyone else having some issues with the latest nvidia driver?
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ThePCElitist119/19 11:03PM
What kind of performance hit does Dynamic Super Resolution have?jeff666p29/19 11:01PM
Did you pre-purchase Final Fantasy XIII Steam for $15? (Poll)
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snkboi659/19 10:57PM
PC gamers that bought next-gen consoles, how do you feel about your purchase?TheC0ndemnedOne109/19 10:56PM
So will a single 980 be enough for 4k?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
studshawn17159/19 10:53PM
wow 970 out already?Ivany200869/19 10:50PM
Amazing how Divinity: OS was made on 5 million and Destiny was made on 500 mil.
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BendoHendo399/19 10:42PM
monitor questionIvany200819/19 10:40PM
How would you upgrade this PC?TehPwnzerer89/19 10:27PM
Recently beat Darksiders 2; what to play next? *potential spoilers* (Poll)Chaos_Missile79/19 10:27PM
Best Final Fantasy 4 version?
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temoorashraf509/19 10:24PM
Why is it that if I search for something in Windows 7 it doesn't show up?ajko00029/19 10:11PM
new to Overclocking Gpu (gtx780)cosmicstarfish1109/19 10:06PM