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Is Metro Redux worth it, or should I just go with Metro Last Light for $5?rdking9659/19 4:39AM
Anyone got a Key for braid I can have? (Closed)
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3D platformers on the PC?
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Which of these topics causes the most replies in PCH? (Poll)
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Lots of twitch streams for archeage, is it any good?
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Zeusty149/19 4:03AM
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Nvidia's GeForce GTX 980 Video Card: What You Need to Know
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Trance_Fan139/19 3:45AM
How exactly can you tell how big the soundstage is?Critcal5069/19 3:24AM
Google Chrome problem since last night, can't figure out problem/cause.Xieborn19/19 3:19AM
Road Redemption (early access) is really fun so far.akuma63449/19 3:05AM
gtx 980 and gtx 970 for sale on Amazon
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MaddScience239/19 2:56AM
Is Steam offline?
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Devil875179/19 1:56AM
Hypothetical question about starting a video game on PCShadowShire59/19 1:43AM
[Rant] Can't believe I need to drop $400 on another eye-strain-o-machine...
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Tekken9292189/19 1:41AM
How much better is the 970 than my current card?NeilJWD29/19 12:58AM
Which Cherry MX?
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ntstambo2479/19 12:30AM
Whoa, Steam came back and half of my games are uninstalled now @_@anonymous4677349/19 12:28AM
Worth upgrading GTX 770?TaintedEon79/18 11:57PM