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Where would you suggest shopping for a laptop?Solid Sonic19/5 4:41AM
Grandia 2 got updated todayit_r_over900069/5 4:09AM
Ahahahahahahah! That's a big one!
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Noise difference in a radiator in intake vs exhaust?darkus_f39/5 2:31AM
Recently sold mobo on Amazon, customer claiming damaged and smells.
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Conker589/5 1:53AM
i need a program that can browse my emulators?Mushroom8789/5 1:48AM
Screw this, I'm done with Windows 10.
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cugabuh489/5 1:26AM
My Asus VG248QE monitor is doing something weird.TinyTankX89/5 1:12AM
RPGs for PC with great storylines
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English Smoker799/5 12:44AM
Fun equipment that everyone should own?
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PIITB415179/5 12:28AM
Why do people pretend they can tell the difference bewtween 240 and 1080P?
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GoldenSun3DS559/5 12:28AM
Question about DDR4 memory speeds and Latencies....Road_Kill_66689/5 12:19AM
Blacklist has converted me to PC gaming.AltiarLio39/5 12:15AM
F2P game hate is.... (Poll)
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darkljolly179/4 11:45PM
Looking for name of rogue like game that took days to make?jasongm49/4 11:45PM